Weekly musings, 3/19/17: sets

Weekly musings, 3/19/17: Sets
How many times should you do something if you want to get stronger? 

It’s an often debated question. I don’t know the exact answer, but the research does show multiple sets are more effective than a single set of strength based exercise for improving strength. 

For the month of February, I did one pull-up or chin-up, every hour, 4-5 times a day. It was a suggestion Charles Poliquin gives in the book, “Tools of Titans.” I found this extremely rewarding, not just because I did gain strength, but it gave me a short physical break between clients and increased my confidence in my ability to pull my body weight up (practice does that). 

Sprinkle strength throughout your day. Pick one skill to work on for a month; at the end of the month, pick another skill. This month, I’ve been planking and crawling, but my intent is to return to pull-ups and chin-ups in April. Gain strength through practice and repetition, and appreciate the fact the exact amount doesn’t matter as much as consistency. 

**For a little inspiration, check out this story about an incredible senior runner: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/28/sports/ed-whitlock-marathon-running.html